Safety & Environmental Protection Policy

Our Policy

Salén Ship Management is committed to protecting the safety of our passengers, crew and the environment. We are committed to operating in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and to continuously improve the quality and safety of our services while adhering to applicable laws, rules and regulations.

We endeavour to participate in and support the development of technology and systems that improve safety and which promote the protection of life, property and the environment.

Goals of the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

The primary objective is Prevention!

Salén Ship Management have established a documented Safety & Environmental Management System that identifies the responsibilities of personnel and the procedures necessary to meet our goals.

The Management will regularly review the system and make amendments as required to ensure that our goals can be met and that we continue to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Personnel are encouraged to report any accidents, incidents or non-conformities that can impact our commitment to the safety of life and the protection of the environment.

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